Department of Mechanical Engineering - About Lab


The Computer centre provides softwares for Computer Aided Engineering drawing (CAED), Computer Aided Machine Drawing (CAMD), CIM & Automation and Computer Aided Modelling and Analysis (CAMA).
CAED helps students to develop a creative and analytical thinking of Engineering drawing. It gives a different dimension for students to acquire knowledge of Engineering drawing and use of software for drawing. Students study basic drawing elements like lines, points, planes, solids and development of different geometrical shapes.
CAMD is an advancement in Engineering drawing dealing with different Mechanical components like joints, fastners and assemblies, sections of solids, IC engine pistons, connecting rod etc.
CAMA lab handles the finite elemental analysis of bars of constant and tapered cross sections which include stress analysis, thermal analysis, dynamic analysis when subjected to natural or forced conditions
CIM lab deals with the simulation of CNC operations with computer assisted part programming for CNC Turning or Milling.


Basic workshop gives a complete knowledge about metal cutting and joining operations. It includes separate fitting section, sheet metal section and welding section.

Mechanical Measurements and Metrology

Mechanical measurements lab gives an exposure to the different methods to test mechanical properties and calibrate different measuring instruments


The machine shop is equipped with lathes, grinding machines, shaper machines and milling machines to make the students understand the different type of metal machining operations.

Foundry and Forging Lab

Foundry and Forging Lab makes the student understand different types of molding sands and different molding methods and the procedure for metal casting operations. The different properties of molding sand is tested here. Forging section makes the student know about heat treatment of metals and shaping the metals by changing their thermal properties.

The labs in mechanical engineering are fully equipped with high quality machineries and students are assisted by highly qualified and experienced instructors