Career Guidance Cell

Career Guidance Cell:

The institute has an exclusive career guidance cell to assist the students for placements. The placement cell had a placement officer and supporting staff. Each department is represented by the placement coordinator who interacts with the career guidance cell for all the training and placement related activities. Placement cell guides the students to prepare for interviews by arranging personality development.

Students will be sent to different industries/ consultancy firms for internship every year, regular industrial visits are arranged at the department level which will help the students to understand the industrial environment.

All the departments regularly arrange seminars/conferences/workshops/training programs so that students will have sufficient opportunity to interact with experts. To inculcate entrepreneurship qualities among the students, they are given technical skill training to equip them to become competent engineers.

Details of higher education, job opportunities and career improvement are provided at the departmental level by a placement coordinator of the department who in turn coordinates with the institute placement cell. Institute placement cell assists all the departments to arrange activities related to placement like skill development programs, communication skill development activities, group discussions, technical quiz and tests, entrepreneur development programs, etc.

Details of jobs available, job description and the way students have to apply for the jobs are all interviewed on campus as well as off campus for recruitment.