Student Counseling Cell

Student Counseling Cell Overview:

The Student Counseling Cell is where professional, confidential counseling service is available to all students. Counseling provides the opportunity for any student to discuss in private any concerns which may be impacting on academic performance or personal health and well-being. In the course of the counseling process, student’s strengths are highlighted and maximized with a focus on client’s self-growth, self-awareness and self-acceptance.

Counseling may provide a chance to find a new perspective on the problem and often to become more accepting of oneself in the process Counseling is generally offered on a one to one basis is short-term in nature and is strictly confidential.


To help the students transform all the life challenges into opportunities for maximum academic achievement and optimal personal growth so that in due course of time, they become valuable assets to society.


To create the optimal therapeutic environment with the use of appropriate counseling techniques for the purpose of:
  • Promoting the students development in all aspects of personal (mental, emotional, social, physical) well-being and academic growth.
  • Enabling the students to gain the maximum benefit from the facilities.
  • Helping students from various social, economic, lingual backgrounds adapt to the requirements of college life in a cosmopolitan city.
  • Ascertaining that the students make continuous progress on the path of self –awareness and discover new ways to develop their potential and talents to the fullest.