Basic Material Testing Laboratory

The concepts of basic physical properties and load carrying mechanisms of different building materials such as fine aggregates, coarse aggregates and structural steel are taught.

Hydaulics and Hydraulic Machinery Laboratory

In this laboratory, the students are taught to analyze theory of fluid mechanics and the experiments related to equipments like pumps, turbines, air compressor and air blower, impact of jet on vane apparatus, Pipe friction apparatus, Notch apparatus, Venturiflume, orifices and mouth pieces.

Computer Aided Design Lab

The CAD lab provides facilities which allow students to acquire the basic knowledge of computer which can be used for analyse, design and drafting of various civil engineering components using softwares like Auto CAAD , E tabs, Stad Pro etc.

Surveying Practice

The students are trained to excel in the field of surveying by using total station, theodolite, dumpy level etc.

Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory

The student will gain hands-on experience in conducting soil laboratory tests to determine soil parameters needed for geotechnical engineering design using equipments like CBR apparatus, Direct Shear apparatus, Vane Shear apparatus, Unconfined compression test apparatus, Triaxial compression test apparatus, Consolidation test apparatus, Permeability apparatus, Compaction test apparatus etc.

Concrete and Highway Materials Testing Laboratory

This laboratory enables students to carry out various experiments regarding compressive strength of concrete, tensile strength of concrete, workability test, design mix, modulus of rupture of concrete. This laboratory also makes the student to understand the fundamental testing of aggregate and the bitumen.

Environmental Engineering

The students are taught various process of determining the impurities and their level by undergoing various tests by using equipments such as Spectrometer, BOD incubator, COD Reflux apparatus, water distillery unit, Muffle Furnace, conductivity, Turbidity meter, High Precision Electric balance, Water distillation plant, Hot air oven and PH meter.

Engineering Geology Lab

This lab trains the students in identification of minerals and rocks depending on the physical properties, study of geological maps and determine the topographical terrain using topographical map.