Electronics and Communication Engineering

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Results for the Academic Year 2019-2020

Subject Name Subject Code Name of the Faculty % of Pass
Wireless Cellular And Lte 4g Broadband 15EC81 Mr. Puneeth H J   100
Fiber Optics & Networks 15EC82 Mrs. Sowmya M 100
Network And Cyber Security 15EC835 Mrs. Brundha K A 100
Internship/Professional Practice 15EC84 Mr. Puneeth H J   100
Project Work 15ECP35 Mr. Puneeth H J 100
Seminar 15ECS86 Mrs. Preethi U 100

Toppers List 

Position USN Name of the student Total Marks Obtained (Max. Marks: 700 ) Percentage
I 1BH16EC002 Chethana P 587 83.5
II 1BH16EC008 Keerthana A 580 82.8
III 1BH16EC005 Hemon Tamang 561 80.1