Project Works

Students Project Work
Batch No USN Name of the Student Title of the Project Guide
1 1BH16ME007 Bharath  S Two way Power Generation by using rain water and Piezoelectric Materials Mr. Sujana N
1BH16ME033 Vinay Raj D
1BH16ME403 Dilip Kumar K V
2 1BH16ME029 Sharath Kumara K E Removing the Bunch of Areca Nut from the Plant and Spraying of Pesticide by Using Remote Operated Device Mr. Arunkumar S M
1BH15ME023 Kevin Thomas Job
1BH15ME015 Dharshan R
1BH15ME001 A Gangadhar
3 1BH16ME028 Sanjith B Fabrication of Pneumatic Abrasive Jet Machine Mr. Krishna Murthy M
1BH16ME031 Vijay H N
1BH16ME001 Abhijith S
1BH15ME035 RamyaShetty
4 1BH16ME034 YalagureshKancher Automated Jacky for Four Wheeler for Replacement of Tyres Mr. Channaveeraiah K M
1BH16ME027 Punith Kumar R
1BH16ME009 ChakaliNagarjuna
1BH14ME057 Sunkappa H
5 1BH16ME008 Bhaskar A Power Generation by using Irrigation Canal Water Mr. Ashok T K
1BH16ME030 SubhashRawal
1BH16ME036 Gowtham M
1BH15ME012 Chalapathi G
6 1BH16ME011 DharmendraYadav Fabrication of Tri-Wheeler as Gym Equipment and For Power Generation Mr. Hemanth B R
1BH17ME401 Darshan Kumar S L
1BH17ME402 Loyd Hendry Azavedo
1BH15ME040 Shah Faiz
7 1BH16ME012 DipmaniShrestha Design and Fabrication of Paddy Cutting Machine Mr. Sunil Kumar M
1BH16ME026 Prakash Pun
1BH16ME019 Md Umar Farukh
1BH15ME037 Riktik Sharma
8 1BH16ME014 Gautham Raj Lifting of water by using Simple Pendulum with Solar Energy Mr. Prashanth S Ganiger
1BH16ME002 AbhishekKushwaha
1BH16ME004 Altamash Khan M
9 1BH16ME022 Nandini S Patnaik Multi Operated Machining unit with Drilling, Grinding and Cutting Mr. V K Ravi
1BH17ME406 Surendra K C
1BH16ME018 Manish Kumar
10 1BH16ME006 Bharath A.V Power Generation by means of Pendulum and Solar Energy           Mr. Deepak A R
1BH16ME024 NirajanGhimire
1BH16ME017 MandevRajbanshi
1BH16ME010 Dalton Rohil  C.R