Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

To impart quality domain knowledge of young minds in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence by creative ideas of teaching and contributing their talents to the world of science and technology.

The department is well equipped with a fully centralized air-conditioned computer centre with LAN connection. The department has well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty members specialized in object-oriented system analysis and design, artificial intelligence, expert systems, distributed computing, multimedia, RDBMS, computer networks, neural networks, data communication, OOPS, data structures and algorithms, software engineering, operating system and network security.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is a blend of engineering and science that includes Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Engineering and Programming for automating tasks inside and outside. The department of Robotics and Artificial Engineering is an outstanding treasure house of the institute which incubates and inculcates the passionate instinct of computation. The substratum of the department is the young dynamic faculty members under the guidance for senior experienced fellow colleagues. The faculty members nourish, cherish and implant the young buds of the institute with the basic and advanced knowledge and expertise required to build their career and become commendable technocrats.

The takers for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence will come in droves and the demand for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence will increase phenomenally. This is because this technology is new and is making rounds in the market as everyone is trying to adapt to the intelligent method of change in systems. These new technologies are also being used in the sector, including Enterprises, Military and Defense organizations, or in a private firm. Hence, the career prospects in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are flourishing and will continue to flourish in the upcoming times.