Hostel Overview:

Hostels have been constructed to provide safe and congenial atmosphere to the students. Separate hostel facilities are available for boys and girls on campus. The living spaces are structured to inspire harmony. We have spared no pains in making the surroundings fresh and green.

Rules & Regulations Overview

A home away from home is the concept of hostels in BTI. Separate Hi-Tech hostel facilities are available for boys and girls. The Hostels are Located within the campus surrounded by greenery. We ensure that students dwell in a healthy environment that helps them to grow and learn without any obstacle. The Hostel is managed by a committee consisting of:
  1. Chief Warden
  2. Resident Warden
  3. Faculty Counselors 

Hostel Facilities:

  1. Well lighted and ventilated rooms
  2. Semi furnished rooms
  3. Student friendly wardens
  4. High Speed Wi-Fi connectivity
  5. Hot water through solar heaters
  6. CCTV cameras
  7. 24 hrs power backup
  8. 24/7 security guards in campus
  1. Hi tech kitchen, with modern equipments
  2. Provision of RO water for drinking
  3. Hygienic food and clean surroundings
  4. Healthy environment
  5. Tie up with a health care center located nearby
  6. Fest’s
  7. Entertainments

Hostel Rules and Regulations:

  1. Ragging and other indecent activities are banned in the Hostel.
  2. The Students themselves should keep their own personal belongings carefully. 
  3. Rules of modesty and decorum in dress and behavior have to be strictly adhered by the hostlers
  4. Students should not remain in their hostel rooms during class hours.
  5. During tea break students are not permitted to come back to hostel.
  6. Students who wishes to leave the college premises (to go back to the hostel or elsewhere) during the working hours should obtain an approval letter from the Counselor / HOD / Principal, and shall submit to warden. Students who return to the hostel before the usual timings shall produce the permission letter signed by the counselor to the warden. This has to be returned to the counselor countersigned by the warden.
  7. During regular working days, students have to report back to the hostel by 6:15 PM
  8. Those students who wish to go out of the campus should make the entry  in the Movement Register. The purpose of going, place, date and time at which students leave to the campus should be clearly entered with signature before leaving. The students should fill the remaining entries in the Movement Register when they return to the hostel.
  9. Wardens of the hostels will take attendance every day.
  10. The inmates of the hostel must be in the rooms assigned to them. Nobody is allowed to enter other rooms after 10.00 PM.
  11. T.V. Programmes are permitted daily during recreation time and on holidays after lunch as directed by the warden.
  12. Celebrating birthday parties and any other celebrations without permission inside the hostel rooms is strictly prohibited.
  13. The students going to their homes during weekend should take permission well in advance from the warden & shall inform the warden of their arrival as soon as they reach the hostel after leave. Students should also bring a letter signed by their parents that indicates the date and duration of their stay at home.
  14. Students if taken more number of days leave can cancel leave availed and return to the hostel. However, they should inform the warden about their arrival immediately on arrival in hostel.
  15. Students shall inform the warden over the telephone or in writing for any extension of leave.
  16. No circular or subscription list shall be taken around except with the permission of the Warden
  17. Students should refrain from any activity that is likely to infringe on the privacy of others or interfere with their studies.
  18. Students shall treat the hostel and mess staff politely. They should not demand any special service from them.
  19. Day scholars are not allowed to enter the hostel without the prior permission of the respective Warden.
  20. The hostellers are not allowed to keep air coolers, musical instruments, and cassette record players, TV, electric irons or any electrical equipment without written permission of the Chief Warden. Unauthorized possession will lead to confiscation of the goods.
  21. Guests, Visitors are to be received in the parlor of the hostel with the permission of the warden.
  22. All the students of the hostel should take their food in the allotted mess only.
  23. In case of final year students, parent's approval is necessary before vacating the hostel. In case students who vacate in-between the semester, permission from Chief Warden and parent’s approval is mandatory.
  24. The hostel wardens reserve the right to inspect/enter any room or make any enquiry in the rooms at any time without prior notice; in case, they suspect misbehavior or violation of hostel rules.
  25. Hostel is an integral part of the institution. Any action of indiscipline in the hostel may also attract punishment from the institution.
  26. Violation of any of these rules would result in punitive action and serious violations would be referred to the "Students Disciplinary Committee". The decision of the committee would however be final.

Disciplinary Actions

Disciplinary action depends on the gravity of the act or history of the person and the act. The following are the disciplinary actions:
  1. Written Apology
  2. Informing / Calling Parents / Guardians
  3. Fine
  4. Suspension
  5. Expulsion

Hostel Fee(Lodging and Boarding)

Sharing Price
Two in a room Rs 75,000/-
Three in a room Rs 70,000/-
Four in a room Rs 65000/-

Boys Hostel:

Girls Hostel: